How to check your Spam folder

Having trouble locating an email? If you're expecting an email from NuORDER (such as a password reset email) but it doesn't appear within a few minutes, your email client may have accidentally filtered it to a Spam or Junk folder.

To check your Spam or Junk folder when using Gmail, Apple Mail, or Outlook, follow the instructions below:


While in Gmail, click Spam in the left-side navigation of your account. 


If the Spam folder is not immediately visible, you may need to click More to show all fields.

If your email was filtered, it will automatically appear here. To make sure future emails aren't sent to your Spam folder, open the email and click Not spam or Report not spam in the email itself. After clicking either button, your email will automatically be removed from your Spam folder.


Apple Mail

First, click Junk in the left-side navigation of your Apple Mail account. Depending on which email client you use with Apple Mail, your left-side navigation may look slightly different from the image below.


From there, click on an email to open it. Then, click the Not Junk button in the Mail toolbar or drag the email to your Inbox in the left-side navigation of your account.


If you are using an Outlook account, click the Junk Email folder in the left-side navigation of your account.


Next, click on an email to open it. To remove the email from your Junk Email folder, click Not junk in the toolbar above the email. 


Want to make sure future NuORDER emails aren't accidentally sent to your Spam or Junk folder? Make sure to add to your email contacts.

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