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Before you upload Company Data, check out our Company data overview and the below FAQ.

Q: How will my companies display in NuORDER?

A: Companies are listed as Contacts in your address book. See Manage contacts for more details and views.

Contact contacts in NuORDER.

Q: What are the required fields in the company data?

A: Required fields are Customer Name, Customer Code, and Currency. Address information is strongly recommended.

Note: If any part of the address information is filled out, Address Line 1 and Country become required.

Q: Is the customer code generated by NuORDER?

A: No. Customer code is based on information that you provide. For example, the account number from your internal system.

Q: What if I don't have a customer code?

A: If you don't have customer codes, the best practice is to copy over the information stored in the Customer Name field.

Q: What is the purpose of the Currency field?

A: The Currency field controls which currency your customer views the product prices in; this is critical if you sell in multiple currencies.

Note: In order for a price to display in a specific currency, that currency must first be filled out in your Product Data.

Q: Can I assign more than one Currency to a customer?

A: Yes. Assign multiple currencies to one company record, by comma separating each in the Currency Codes column (see the below example).

Note: You can also update the Currency when editing a company contact in NuORDER.


Q: What if some of my customers have a different price point on certain products?

A: In this scenario, we recommend using price sheets. Price sheets allow you to create price points that are different than the default Wholesale and Retail fields in your Product Data.

Q: Can I assign my customer to more than one price sheet?

A: No. A customer can only be assigned to one price sheet.

Q: How do the default discount and surcharge fields work?

A: Pricing automatically reflects the discount or surcharge percentage across the total order.

Note: The Default Discount and Default Surcharge fields are mutually exclusive.

Q: How do I assign my customers to a warehouse?

A: After creating the warehouse in your admin settings, put the name of the warehouse in the Warehouse field. You can also update the warehouse when editing a contact in NuORDER.

Q: Can I assign my customers to more than one warehouse?

A: Yes. Use the Warehouse column to assign a company's default warehouse. To assign a company to more than one warehouse, enter other warehouse names in the Address [#] Warehouse column(s) (for example: Address 1 Warehouse). When entering a warehouse name, make sure it's worded exactly as it is in NuORDER. Learn about assigning additional warehouses to companies with Manage and assign your warehouses.

Q: Can I have more than one address per customer?

A: Yes. Create a new row of data. Duplicate all information that isn't related to the address information and then enter a different address for each line. Don’t forget to indicate the Address Type.


Q: What's the purpose of the Address Description field?

A: The Address Description field is a reference to help you differentiate between the various addresses you provide for a single customer. If you don't populate this field, our system will display address line 1 in the address fields on the working order. Most brands leave this field blank.

Tip: Don't use the store name as the Address Description. This will be confusing for your reps and buyers as they would only see the same value repeated.

Q: How do the Address Default Billing and Address Default Shipping fields work?

A: Assigning an address as the Default Billing or Default Shipping automatically selects this address in the respective drop downs when the company is selected in a Working Order. It's not required to set any address as the default, but if left blank, the first address on the company will display as the first option in the address drop downs. To designate an address as a default, enter a Y in the Default Billing or Shipping Field.

Note: A single address can be both the default billing and default shipping, but a company can only have one default of each type. Assigning more than one address on a single company as the default results in the last address in list overriding the first one as the default.

Q: How does the Address Type field work?

A: When assigning an address type (billing or shipping), the address is then restricted to their respective drop downs in the Working Order.

Q: How do I assign sales reps to my customers?

A: Sales reps are assigned at the buyer level. You will set this up in the Buyer Data template using the Sales Rep 1 field.

Q: Where do I store the contact information for my buyers?

A: Specific contact information for the buyers (name, email, phone, etc.) are entered on the Buyer Data template. That template will link to the Company Data via the Customer Code field.

Q: What's the expiration date for the template download link generated in NuORDER?

A. Download links generated in NuORDER expire after 7 days. Return to Brand Admin > Data to download a new template, as needed.

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