Does NuORDER support EDI?

Orders via EDI 850

We can provide order data in an EDI 850 format, and are doing so today with a variety of brands & ERP systems.

Format: Because our system is not retailer-specific, we will usually start with a generic 850 format and tailor it to meet your requirements. 

We can provide just about any file extension that you require. For example, some brands use .EDI file type, but we can also provide DAT, TXT, and others.

For some systems, we have generated a file that is not a true EDI format but a flat file translation of the 850 metadata.

In general, we treat 850's as any other custom order file -- we just need to know what format you need, and what fields need to be mapped.

Method of Transfer: The order files are transferred to your system via FTP or SFTP. Your developer will need to set up the retrieval process to pull the orders from our FTP server and into your system.

If applicable, we also have the ability to send files directly to your HTTP/HTTPS endpoint. Talk to your Integration Manager if you would like to receive your order 850 files this way.


Other Data Types

For data that is inbound to NuORDER (products, pricing, companies, inventory, order updates/acknowledgements, order shipments), it is possible for us to accept EDI formats as a customization. This would involve developing custom scripts to translate & manipulate your EDI data into our standard NuORDER formats. 

For most brands, those customization costs are better spent having the data generated in one of our OOB accepted formats, e.g. a flat file (CSV/TXT) or REST API call. 

Additionally, many brands find that to utilize the full NuORDER functionality, they want to incorporate data (e.g. marketing descriptions, filter attributes, etc) that are not part of the standard EDI files. This tends to lead brands towards compiling non-EDI data formats specifically for NuORDER. 


Can NuORDER connect to my VAN / EDI provider to exchange data?

It's possible, but most brands choose not to do this for the simple fact that if we send data through your VAN, you are typically paying your VAN per byte of data transferred. 

A typical flat file or API integration with NuORDER has no ongoing variable costs. We charge for the initial setup and annual usage/maintenance fee, but these are fixed rates. 

We have looked into this option in the past, and can review it with your EDI provider if this is your only option to automate data to/from NuORDER. 

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