NuORDER's Mobile app includes Barcode scanning as a fast and easy way to recommend and order products. Choose between using an external bluetooth scanner or using the camera on your device.

Note: Brand admins can set up and print barcodes by following the steps in Barcode management and printing.

Barcode scanners

NuORDER's in-app Barcode scanner uses the camera on your iPhone or iPad to scan Barcodes and then pulls the associated products directly into your Mobile shopping Cart

If you prefer, you can also use an external Bluetooth barcode scanner. We recommend the Socket Mobile 7Ci scanner (available on Amazon).

Socket Mobile 7Ci.

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Scan a barcode

To scan a Barcode, open the NuORDER Mobile 4.0 application and tap your Cart in the upper-right corner. From your Cart, tab on the Barcode icon.

Barcode icon in Cart.

Select the type of Barcode scanner and start scanning Barcodes. When a code matches to a product, then that product appears on the screen to add quantities to the cart.

Note: If you scan a barcode and the item can't be found, try searching for the UPC to find the product. This is likely a result of the user role having no access to the View all currencies permission.

Product displayed so you can add quantities. Barcode scanning in action.

Check out the above gif and the below video on successfully scanning a barcode via NuORDER Mobile 4.0:

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iPad exclusive features

Using Mobile 4.0 on your iPad, filter your cart by viewing all products or only products you’ve scanned in.

View all scanned.

You can also search for products and add them to your cart within barcode scanning.


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