Mobile 4.0 sync center

When using Mobile 4.0 offline, your orders, linesheets, drafts, and new contacts save locally. When you're back online, use the Sync Center to send everything to the server for processing.

Sync center

From the app's main menu, go to Sync Center to view items you created during your offline session.

Sync center.

The Sync Center lists two status: Awaiting Sync and Completed.

  • Awaiting Sync: Items waiting to be sent to the live server. No emails were sent to buyers (or you) at this time. 
  • Completed: Items sent successfully. If Completed, any corresponding emails were sent to you and the buyer. You can also access these items on the web app. 

Awaiting sync.


Sync items

When online, go to the Sync Center's Awaiting Sync tab. Orders and Customers automatically begin to sync. As items are sent, they'll disappear from the Awaiting Sync tab and move to Completed.

If an item encountered a sync error, it stays in the Awaiting Sync tab and the corresponding emails for this item have not been sent. Select the item to see what kind of error occurred, so you can correct it. For example, re-open an order, make any necessary changes, and resubmit it to the server.

Note: Don't delete the NuORDER app while there are events pending in your Sync Center, because those items will be permanently deleted.

Edit un-synced items

While offline, view or edit un-synced items from the Sync Center's Awaiting Sync tab. Tap the item and then select the kabob menu in the upper-right corner. Choose an Edit option (example: Edit Buyer).

If you edit an order, confirm if you want to replace the products in your current Working Order with the products in this order. Within this updated Working Order, make changes and then Submit.

Additional resources

Have a question about the NuORDER app? Check out our Mobile 4.0 FAQ.

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