[Video] Getting market-ready for your retailers

Are you ready for your next market appointment with your retailer(s)? Watch these videos for a quick overview on how to optimize your selling experience with NuORDER.

Brand Admin settings

Learn about configuring Brand Admin settings in NuORDER, which are only available to Admin users.

Product Data

Let’s take a look at uploading your Product Data in NuORDER. You can find our Product Data template here!

Pricing Data

Learn how to segment your exclusive pricing for retailers, along with the templates needed to upload the data. You can find the Pricing template here!

Imagery and Media

Now that your products are uploaded, let’s upload and match your images to them in the Imagery & Media section.

Manage Sizes

Learn about managing sizes in NuORDER to ensure that sizes are compliant with your retailers’ standards to buy.

Manage Brand Users

Need to update your team’s access to NuORDER? Learn how to manage your Brand Users here.


Learn about adding your products to Linesheets for your buyers to view.

Are you market-ready?

Check off the following items:

  1. Your products are uploaded with images.
  2. Your products are added to linesheets.
  3. Your sizes are compliant with your buyers’ sizes.
  4. Your linesheets are activated and assigned to your retailer customer group.
  5. Your Market Status is set to “Linesheets are Ready” in your assortment if your buyer shared it with you.

To access our webinars and learn more about our exclusive retailer program, check out NuORDER University!

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