Reporting FAQ

Q: What is the expected visibility for reps within order reporting? 

A: Reporting visibility depends on the permissions set for the user role. For example, if the user role can't view all companies, but they are permitted to view order history for a company, then they will only see their assigned companies in reporting.

Q: What report do I use to see the number of orders placed by a buyer and then the number of orders placed by a rep on behalf of a buyer?

A: Go to the Orders page. If you want to review all of the listed orders, select Export and choose Full order details or Order summary.

Export a report.

If you want a customized list of orders, use the filters and the search field to narrow your results. In this scenario, consider filtering by Sales Rep or Company. You can also search by the Buyer name.

You can further narrow your results by selecting the check boxes that appear when you click on the order type icons. When you select Export and choose Full details or Order summary, the downloaded results only contain your filtered list or only the orders you selected with a checkmark.

Select orders.

Alternatively, from the left navigation menu, go to Reporting and select My Custom Reports.

Reporting center.

Select Create New Report and configure it to show order details, such as Buyer Submitted and Creator Name.

Configure your report with order information.

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