Buyer data overview

Buyer Data is the information pertaining to the individual points of contact at the companies to which you sell. The Buyer Data template works hand-in-hand with the Company Data template.

Use the Buyer Data template to link buyers to their respective companies, control which of your sales reps are assigned to each buyer, and store contact information for your buyers.

Note: If you are in the Onboarding process, uploading the Buyer Data template is the last step. When this file is uploaded (with your approval) you'll be officially launching your portal!


If you're in the Onboarding process, work with your NuORDER rep and download a blank template

If you're not in the Onboarding process, admins can download the Buyer Data template by going to Settings > Brand Admin > Data > Buyer Data.

Brand admin.

Select a file link in the Download section. If you choose to download a CSV file, follow the steps outlined in How to best access a CSV file in Excel.

Download buyer data.


The Buyer Data template is very straightforward. Fill in the required fields for your customers along with any contact information you have for that buyer. Also, when editing the spreadsheet consider the below requirements, best practices, and key concepts.

Edit the template.


  • Accepted file types: XLSX, XLS, CSV, or TXT (tab delimited only).
  • Customer Codes are required to upload buyers in bulk.
  • Remove any blank or divider rows.
  • Clear all borders, shading and special formatting.
  • Remove multiple worksheets from your Excel file.

Best practices

  • Fill out all required fields to completion.
  • Information in the Customer Code field must match your Company Data exactly, including casing, spelling, and spacing.
  • Verify that all email addresses are valid prior to adding them to the template.

Key concepts

  • Buyers are assigned to their respective company based on the Customer Code field.
  • The email listed for each buyer serves as their NuORDER login credentials and your main means of communication with that buyer through the system.
  • Emails entered in the Sales Rep Email fields must be Brand Users (your internal sales reps, sales managers, and admin).
  • When uploading your file, the buyers in your spreadsheet receive emails, inviting them to log into NuORDER. This is why uploading Buyer Data is the last step in the Onboarding process.


If you're in the Onboarding process, work with your NuORDER rep before uploading Buyer Data.

If you're not in the Onboarding process, admins can upload the Buyer Data template by returning to Settings > Brand Admin > Data > Buyer Data.

Click and drag your saved file to upload it.

Upload buyer data.

When the data upload is complete, you'll receive a Success message. Examine the confirmation carefully to make sure all of your files were uploaded correctly.

You can confirm that your Buyer Data is live by navigating to the Contacts section of NuORDER.

Additional resources

Want to learn more? Check out Buyer data FAQ.

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