Buyer Data Overview & FAQ's

Buyer data is the information pertaining to the individual points of contact at the companies you sell to. This template works hand in hand with the Company Data template.

This template allows you to link buyers to their respective companies, control which of your sales reps are assigned to each buyer, and store contact information for your buyers.

Uploading the Buyer Data template is the last step of the Onboarding process. When this file is uploaded (with your approval) you will be officially launching your portal!

Best Practices
  • Fill out all required fields to completion.
  • Information in the Customer Code field must match your Company Data exactly (case sensitive, spelling, and spacing).
  • Verify all emails addressed provided are valid prior to entering on the template.
Key Concepts
  • Buyers are assigned to their respective company based on the Customer Code field.
  • The email listed for each buyer will serve as their NuORDER login credentials and your main means of communication with that buyer through the system.
  • Emails entered in the Sales Rep Email fields must be Brand Users (your internal sales reps, sales managers, and admin).
  • Uploading this file means your portal is launched, as your buyers are invited to login to NuORDER at that time.

Q: How will buyers display in NuORDER?
A: Buyers will be listed in the 'Contacts' section accessible from the middle of the lefthand menu bar.

  • Within the Company Record itself towards the bottom of the page:


Or in the Old Contacts view, in the expandable 'Buyers' section of the righthand Contact card:



  • You can also click directly into the Buyer record from the main Contacts page:



  • Or, in the Old Contacts view, by switching to the BUYERS tab of the address book. When a buyer is selected, all vital information linked to a buyer can be viewed in detail (i.e. contact info, associated company, assigned sales rep, order history, etc):


Q: What fields are required in the Buyer Data?
A: Customer Code, Name, Email, and Sales Rep 1 Email fields are required.

Q: What if I do not have customer codes?
A: Best practice would be to use the information used in the Customer Name field in the Company Data template.

Q: What do I put in the Name field if I don’t have a direct contact for a company?
A: When you don’t have a name for a buyer, we recommend a placeholder like the name of the company or “Buyer.” The buyer will be able to update their name when they log in.

Q: Can I change the buyer name after the Buyer Data has been uploaded?
A: No, but the buyer will be able to update that information when they login.

Q: Can I have more than one buyer per company?
A: Yes, you will need to enter each buyer on a new line with their respective name and email address.


Q: What if I have more than one email for a buyer?
A: Best practice would be to determine the preferred email of that buyer before putting into template. If you have more than one email for a buyer, you will need to create a new line of data for that customer.
Note: You cannot have two buyers of the same name under the same company – you will need to slightly alter the Name field on one of the records.


Q: What if I don’t have an email for a buyer?
A: If you do not have an email for a buyer, you will not be able to upload that buyer via the template. You will have to either add them manually through the portal or upload later when you have that information available to you.

Q: Why do I need an email for my buyer?
A: The email you list for your buyer will serve as their NuORDER login credentials. This will also be how you communicate with your buyers regarding their orders.

Q: Can I assign more than one sales rep to a buyer?
A: Yes, create an additional column titled “Sales Rep 2 Email” and so on.

Q: Will I be able to assign different reps to a buyer after Buyer Data has been uploaded?
A: Yes, you will be able to do this through the admin settings once you have access to your portal.

Q: What if I don’t want my buyers to be automatically invited to NuORDER on Buyer Data upload?
A: We can turn off the automatic invite email. Just let your Onboarding team member know you want this this option.
Note: If you turn off this option, you will have to reach out to your buyers directly to invite them to the portal.

Q: What is the difference between the “Email” and “Sales Rep Email” fields?
A: The Email field is the contact info for the buyer. The Sales Rep Email column is contact info for the your employees who will be using the system to interact with those buyers. This is how buyers are assigned to work with a specific sales rep or sales reps.
Note: Any email entered in the Sales Rep Email field must reference one of your Brand Users (NuORDER user seats).

Q: Can I store phone and fax numbers for a buyer?
A: Yes. Simply add columns for each of these fields.

Q: How do I control what currencies my buyers see?
A: This is not controlled at the buyer level. This is managed at the company level using the Currency Code field on the Company Data template.

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