Grant and revoke portal access for buyers

For high-fashion Brands with concerns about product and collection data security, you can now grant and revoke portal access for all buyers at a company for any desired timeframe, based on the Brand’s needs. 

For example, you may want to only give buyers at a specific company a 10-day window to browse products and complete orders, completely restricting access to the portal before and after those 10 days. This lets you control who has access to your portal and for how long. 

Change portal access

To change portal access for buyers in a company, you first need to have NuORDER Heroes turn on the Company Access Control feature for your Brand. 

Now, you can grant and revoke access to buyers in a company. In the left navigation menu, click Contacts. Search for the desired company, then select the company name. From here, select Edit Company at the top-right. To grant access to buyers in the company, make sure that Has access is set to Yes. To revoke all access, set it to No. You can also grant or revoke access to your portal en masse by downloading Company Data and setting the Has access column to Yes or No

Grant_and_revoke_portal_access_for_buyers_Img0.pngWhen you toggle Has access on or off, all buyers at the company will receive an email stating that their access to the portal has been either revoked or granted. When you revoke access, buyers lose access to the entire portal, including their orders. If a buyer tries to access a portal while their access is revoked, they will see a message stating they do not have access to the portal.


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