Differences in 360 Frame Count

360 photography is a series of photographs taken featuring one product or look from a single axis that then are stitched together within the NuORDER site. Once loaded into NuORDER, a viewer (buyer) will be able to to interact with the product or look using click-and-drag to spin the look 360 degrees and zoom in to highlight product details.

The number of frames per 360 spin come down to a personal preference but it is important to note that the more frames you shoot, the slower each 360 will be to capture and the more expensive each will become. The majority of 360s are ready to use out of camera but it is also important to point out that any retouching required must be done across each frame that makes up the 360 which, again, can be very expensive.

NuORDER recommends between 24 and 36 frames per 360. Less than 24 can look jerky due to the difference in degrees between each frame and 72 frames is typically only used for luxury product (jewelry, watches, etc.) 72 frames on model can also appear jerky due to the camera's ability to capture small movement and breathing. 

Below are examples of 360 images at popular frame counts: 4, 8, 12, 24, 36, 72.



JPEG_4.gif 360_4.gif



JPEG_8.gif 360_8.gif



JPEG_12.gif 360_12.gif



JPEG_24.gif 360_24.gif


JPEG_36.gif 360_36.gif



JPEG_72.gif 360_72.gif
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