Shipping promotions

Use Manage Shipping Promotions to create promotions for your order shipping options.

Note: Interested in product or order promotions? See Promotions overview

Create a shipping promotion

From the left navigation menu, select Settings to access Brand Admin options, and then choose Settings > Manage Shipping Promotions. Click the Create new promotion button in the upper-right corner.

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Configure or edit a promotion

Select a previously created shipping promotion or create a new one.

Enter a Display Name (required) and a Description (optional).

Specify when to apply the shipping promotion: Before Order Split or After Order Split (recommended). To review your order splitting rules, select the View order splitting rules link or navigate to Order Settings in Brand Admin.

You have the option to set the shipping promotion for Brand users only. 

Create or edit a shipping promotion.

Set one or more rules

In the Set Multiple Rules section, you can define one or more restrictions for when to apply the shipping promotion. If you create more than one rule, then the order must meet all rules for the shipping promotion to apply.

When setting a rule, choose a type and then enter the requested information: 

  • Order Amount: Enter amounts for At Least and At Most.
  • Order Level Field: Choose a Field and its Required Value
  • Order Quantity: Enter amounts for At Least and At Most.
  • Order Submitted Date: Specify the Beginning Date and the End Date.

Common rules and combinations:

  • Order Amount
  • Order Quantity and Order Submitted Date
  • Order Level Field with Order Type and entered value (example: east). The casing should be an exact match to what will be on the order. 

Set multiple rules

Define the shipping promotion by price or percentage and select its currency (you should have a promotion for every currency in your portal).

Select the shipping Promotion Type (Price or Percentage) and set its value. Examples: 

  • Price promotion of 15, USD: An order's shipping cost is $15.
  • Percentage promotion of 25, USD: A $100 order's shipping cost is $25.

Define the promotion by price or percentage.

When your shipping promotion is configured, turn it on with the Promotion Active toggle and then select Save at the bottom of the screen.

Create as many shipping promotions as you'd like. By default, only the lowest applicable promotion displays. Contact your Account Manager if you're interested in displaying all relevant promotions.

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Override shipping

If your user role allows for the ability to override shipping costs, go to the Order Review tab of the Working Order.

Use the Shipping Option dropdown menu to select an option or choose Other. If editing an existing order, be sure to turn on the Override Shipping toggle. With Other selected, enter a Shipping Type and the Shipping Amount.

Override a shipping cost.

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