Manage shipping

Manage shipping options, which vary for each carrier.

Add a carrier

To manage shipping, in the left navigation menu, select Settings > Brand Admin > Settings > Manage Shipping

To add a new shipping account, select Connect New Shipping Account.

Connect new shipping account.

On the Carrier Account Settings page, choose a carrier.

Choose a carrier.

Refer to the sections below for the information requested by each carrier. Some carriers may require you to input a specific value, which will need to be refreshed if it expires.

After entering the required information, select Save Connection.  

Note: Only US addresses are supported for shipping carriers. 

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FedEx requires the following fields:

Fedex fields.

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UPS requires the following fields:

UPS fields.

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USPS( requires the following fields: 

USPS fields.

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DHL Express E-Commerce

DHL Express E-Commerce requires the following fields:

Note: You must enable Rating Services with DHL Support to include rates in NuORDER.

DHL fields.

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Second ship to address (Drop Ship)

NuORDER allows buyers to ship items to an address other than the company address listed when looking to use Drop Ship as a shipping option.

Secondary Addresses for Brands:

To enable a secondary address and indicate it will be drop-shipped is a simple process to enable. The only requirement is that you use the NuORDER Shipping Module so you can connect and associate a carrier to generate estimated rates.

Step 1: Enable Drop Shipping as preference.

To enable this feature please reach out to our Support team or your Client Success Representative.

Step 2: Ensure you are using the NuORDER Shipping Module.

Note: If you're currently using only the static adapter for your shipping calculations, contact your Customer Success Representative to discuss adding our shipping modules for extended capabilities.

Step 3: Set up your preferred carrier within the NuORDER Shipping Module

  1. In the left navigation menu, select Settings > Brand Admin > Settings > Manage Shipping.
  2. On the carrier screen, you will be asked to choose a carrier and connect your account.
    Note: You can have multiple carriers with NuORDER but you may only assign one carrier for a secondary address rate.
  3. After you have established a connection with the carrier of your choice, you can go to the management screen for that carrier to enable Drop Shipping with the corresponding rates, by clicking the name of the carrier in the main management area.
  4. From the carrier screen, you will be asked for a minimum and maximum weight to qualify for the drop-ship rates, and then you will set the on/off toggle to on (green) to associate that carrier's rates with the Drop Ship option offered in checkout.
    Drop Ship.

When this process is complete, your buyers have the ability to choose Drop Ship and enter a secondary address that will be used for the delivery and the rate estimate.

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Adding postal codes to your warehouse to support shipping set up

To fully complete your shipping set up in your portal, you must add the postal code to your assigned warehouses in your inventory settings. This way, our system may automatically calculate the shipping cost from a specific warehouse location to the selected destination of the order.

As an admin user, you will have the ability to make this setting by navigating to Settings > Brand Admin > Settings > Inventory Settings.

From there, you can enter in the different postal code for the different assigned warehouses in your portal.

Shipping part 1.

When all of your shipping information are set up properly on your portal, then you will be able to proceed with your shipment selection in your working order before submitting.

Shipping part 2.

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Adding weight to product data

When the NuORDER Shipping Module is enabled for your brand, you will automatically see new weight fields added to your product schema.

Note that shipping weight is at the size level since different size items can weight different amounts.

Integrated Brands

If you are an integrated brand, this data can be sent as part of your integration. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

Non-Integrated Brands

The horizontal XLS file (1 row per style/season/color) will have shipping weight added as a column for each size.

Add weight in a horizonal format file.

The vertical format (1 row per size) will have one column for weight.

Add weight in a vertical format file.

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Add shipping charges

When you are entering a Payment and select Charge Now, you will have the opportunity to enter in the Shipping Amount.

Shipping charges.

Note: Buyers do not have the ability to add shipping charges on their order. This can only be done by the Brand.

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