Can I support multiple currencies per retailer?

Yes! We now have the ability to support multiple currencies per retailer. This is helpful for brands with fluctuating exchange rates so retailers do not have to change the currency in which they buy in.

There are two different ways you can assign this to a retailer. 

- Directly within your Contacts tab: 

If you select "Edit" on a company, your Currency dropdown will now have all applicable options. All active currencies in your portal will now display here for you to select. 

*Don't forget to "Save Changes"! 



- Within your Company Data file: 

Under the "Currency Code" column of your Company Data file you now have the ability to add any additional currencies for a retailer. For example, if they are able to view "GGP" and "USD" you would set that field up as "GGP,USD". Screen_Shot_2018-03-30_at_1.40.51_PM.png


For any additional questions on this please reach out to your Account Manager or a NuORDER hero! 

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