How to set Delivery Windows

Delivery Windows give you the ultimate control over how reps and buyers are able to select ship start and ship end (cancel) dates for orders.

To setup Delivery Windows, head to Admin > Settings > Delivery Windows. 


Once you're on the Delivery Window page, you can choose "Add One" or "Add 12 Months".  If you select "Add 12 Months", NuORDER will automatically set up windows for the next 12 calendar months.  You can easily edit or remove any of these months.




Pre-Book / Future Orders: You can choose to make a delivery window available for pre-book / future orders. This means that reps and buyers will be able to place orders for any quantity and inventory will not be deducted for these orders.

Pre-Book Expiration (optional): You can set the last date that you will accept pre-book orders for a delivery window. After this date passes, the Delivery Window will transition to a normal delivery window and orders will be placed against available inventory (if you are tracking inventory).



Additional Notes

Delivery Windows that end in less days than the minimum delivery window will not be available for ordering.  For example, if today is May 25 and your minimum delivery window is 10 days, the May 1 - May 31 window would not be available.


If you place an order on August 10 for the Aug 1 - 31 delivery window, the ship dates on the order will show as Aug 10-31. This is because many ERPs cannot handle dates prior to the current date.

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