Intro to Assortments

What are assortments?

Assortments are live, collaborative documents used to plan orders for your retail locations, called doors. Catalogs, product data, and images from NuORDER flow into the assortment tool where you can make selections and add notes of intent.

What are doors and door attributes?

In assortments, your doors represent your store locations, warehouses, e-commerce sites, or other areas where you will be able to plan and allocate units.

Door attributes are used to classify or categorize your doors for easy grouping, visualization, and review. For example, Climate, Location type, and even a custom attribute name like Group 1 could all be door attributes.

What are deliveries?

Deliveries and delivery windows are slots or time frames offered by the brand and selected by the buyer in which the product is delivered after order submission. Deliveries can be used in conjunction with doors to further group your planned units by where and when they should be available to customers.

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