Brand update: September 2022

Our latest release gives brands the ability to add credit card information on behalf of buyers. We also enhanced Linesheets and Custom Lists by including the option to display product banners on downloaded PDFs.

Add cards for buyers

Sales reps can give the white glove treatment with the ability to add credit cards on behalf of the buyer. When editing a buyer contact card, using the New Contacts Pages, you can now Add Credit Card details. You also have the option to Add New Card to an order.

Note: When adding a card, you must confirm that you’re authorized to add the card on behalf of the card holder and that you can charge payments to the card on orders.

Add a card on a buyer.

For more information, see Manage contacts and Save a credit card for future payment.

Product banners in downloaded PDFs

Banners are a great way to keep buyers informed about your products (examples: Sold Out, Hot Item, New, etc.). When users download a PDF Linesheet (aka Catalog) or Custom List, they can now choose to Include product banners.

Download a PDF with product banners.

For more information, see Sold out and custom banners overview and FAQ and Standard and custom PDF templates.

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