Brand update: August 2022

In this release, we’re adding clarity into the ordering experience by showing buyers how much they’re saving with a Promotion (beta) discount, as well as showing total quantities entered when adding products to your cart. We’ve also added a layer of customization to min / max rules, so you can specify which customers must adhere to your order rules.

Discount price comparison with Promotions (beta)

For brands using Promotions (beta), buyers can see just how much they’re discounted with the original price in strikethrough text alongside their discounted price. This price comparison not only displays in the Working Order (example below), but also in the Product Gallery and Product Details page.

Promotions discount comparison.

For more information, see Promotions (beta), Browse products, and Working order overview.

See quantity totals entered when adding products to your cart

When you add products to your cart, NuORDER displays entered totals across each delivery window. Note that some brands may choose to also show available inventory totals.

Add quantities.

For more information, see Add products to your cart.

Order rules enhancement

Have you ever wanted to limit a minimum or maximum Order Rule to only specific buyers? With this enhancement, brand admins can target an order rule to a specific company Contact, Customer Group, or all customers.

Select customer step in order rules.

For more information, see Order min and max rules.

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