Lightspeed R-Series integration (beta)

Note: This integration is currently in beta only for select customers.

Streamline your order process by leveraging NuOrder POs in Lightspeed's Retail (R-Series).

Note: This integration requires a user for both NuORDER and Lightspeed's Retail (R-Series).

Link user accounts

Before you can import NuORDER orders into R-Series, link your user accounts in Lightspeed.

From the Retail (R-Series) menu, select Link accounts.

Note: If you don't see Link accounts, log out and log back into R-series, or try linking user accounts in a different browser. 

Link accounts.

In the Product dropdown menu, choose NuORDER, and then enter your NuORDER login credentials. Select Link account.

After linking the accounts, select an option: return to Retail (R-Series) or navigate to NuORDER to start importing orders.

Select NuORDER and enter login credentials.

Linked accounts.

Unlink accounts

If you'd like to unlink an old account, select Link accounts from the Retail (R-Series) dropdown menu. From the Link another account screen, select Cancel to return to the Linked accounts screen. Select Unlink account for the old account.

Unlink accounts.

Import NuORDER POs

Using NuORDER’s upper-left dropdown menu, select the brand with the order you’d like to import into R-Series.

Note: Learn more about ordering products in NuORDER with Add products to your cart and Working order overview.

Select a brand.

Orders in NuORDER

From the left navigation menu, go to Orders and then hover your mouse over an order to display the Export order to POS icon (or select the More Actions kabob menu first).

Orders page.

If you’d like to review the PO before sending it to R-Series, select the order to reveal its details and then choose Export order to POS from the upper-right corner of the order screen.

Note: Orders can only be exported once. If you already sent a NuORDER PO to Lightspeed, then the Export order to POS link will be inactive.

Order details.

Order export

After selecting Export order to POS, the Export Order to POS screen displays the Order # and the Shipping address for this order. Use the Choose location for order export dropdown menu to select the associated R-Series shop location, which will store the order, and then select Export.

Address and export.

Check the status of an import by returning to the NuORDER order and reviewing the Order Export Status. This field displays one of the following statuses: Not exported, Export in progress, or Exported View PO # (with a link). After the export completes, select the link in the Exported View PO # status to view the PO details in Lightspeed.

PO details in R-Series

Navigate to Lightspeed's R-Series to view the imported order.

The first time you import a product into R-Series, Lightspeed creates a new item. The second time you import a product, Lightspeed uses the existing item created in the previous export from NuORDER. If an item is created that already exists in your point of sale, we suggest merging the two together.

In Lightspeed, you can add categories to items individually or with a CSV import, and then wait for the shipments to arrive to begin the receiving process.

Merging items

To remove duplicate items, you will have the option to merge them. 

Note: When merging items, be aware that merging is permanent. If you merge an item by accident, you can’t undo it. 

To merge and remove duplicates, you can either:

  • Merge your existing item into the new item created by the integration (recommended), or
  • Merge the item created by the integration into your existing item.

If you merge your existing item into the new item created by the integration, you will still have the ability to edit any fields, images, descriptions, attribute names, etc.

When additional quantities of an item are imported on future POs, the details of the item will not be updated or overwritten.

If you merge the item created by the integration into your existing item, a new item will be created each time that item is imported on future POs. You will have to merge it into your existing item each time.

For more information, see our Merging items support article. 

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