Brand update: June 2022

Our latest release features key improvements to help brands manage orders and images. You can now configure Order Export Templates to include Replenishment dates. We also expanded the reach of Watermarks, which now appear on exported PDFs with 2 or 4 images across.

Replenishment dates on order export templates

If you use Replenishments to update your inventory, you can now offer Replenishment dates as delivery windows in Order Export Templates. Buyers enter quantities for Replenishment dates and if a product size doesn’t have scheduled inventory for a date, then that cell is gray and inactive.

Replenishments on an order export template.

For more information, see Configure order export templates and Export and import orders.

Watermarks on downloaded PDFs

Watermarks protect your product images, even if they’re exported from NuORDER. Watermarks now appear on downloaded Custom List and Linesheet PDF templates with 2 or 4 product images across.

Example 2 to 4 images across section options. Example Watermark

For more information, see Watermark images.

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