Brand update: May 2022

In this release we upgraded product images, adding a Large Tile view and offering a Watermarking option for brands who want to add that layer of protection to their product images. We also made it easier to place orders through an upload with product grouping on Order Export Templates.

Protect product images with Watermarking

Brands can now add a Watermark over expanded images, with the options to include the same messaging on all Watermarks, along with unique data attributes, like Company Code.

Example Watermark on an expanded product image from the Product Gallery.

For more information, see Product images overview.

Scroll through larger product images

Large Tile view showcases product images in an expanded size in the Product Gallery, Custom Lists, and Linesheets. Use this new view for demoing products or for anyone who wants a closer look without having to zoom in on each image.

Large Tile view in the Product Gallery.

For more information, see How to find products in the All Products gallery (for buyers).

Product Grouping on Order Export Templates

The new Product Grouping options on Order Export Templates allow you to review products organized by attribute on one or multiple tabs. As examples, choose to group by Color, Department, Season, or many more attribute options to organize your order form.

Consider Product Grouping on order forms for retailers with multiple buyers, who each want to target their own product category (for example: footwear).

For more information, see Setting up Order Form / Order Export Template and Importing and exporting order spreadsheets.

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