Shopify Integration: Overview & What To Expect

Shopify will be connected to NuORDER through an API integration, meaning the NuORDER will send API requests using Shopify's API and the responses returned will update the data in NuORDER.


The flow of data includes:

  • Inventory - from Shopify to NuORDER 

Please note: no other data feeds are supported at this time.


Turnaround Time

The average Shopify integration will take approximately 4 weeks from the project kickoff to completion. This does not mean we'll be spending 4 weeks writing code, but rather this is the complete time to get through all stages of the rollout.

  • Planning and discovery sessions
  • Any preparation on your side to get your Shopify data cleaned up and ready for integration
  • Testing and review in the NuORDER sandbox
  • Adjustments
  • Final review and sign-off
  • Transfer from sandbox to production 
  • Post-launch troubleshooting


Who's Involved From Your Team

  • Your Shopify Administrator, or someone technical who is familiar with your specific Shopify setup.
  • Sales or Operations Manager who understands your business, how it is structured and how the reps sell. 

What you'll be doing:

  • Answering questions about your specific Shopify setup and sales process.
  • Reviewing your data in the NuORDER sandbox and providing feedback.
  • Reviewing and validating again as any adjustments are made to the feeds.
  • Providing the final sign-off to go live.
  • Reviewing the data feeds day-to-day after you go live to make sure everything is looking correct.


Who's Involved From the NuORDER Team:

  • An Integration Consultant who will be your day-to-day point person, manage the project and guide you through the rollout from start to finish.

What we'll be doing:

  • Asking questions about your specific Shopify setup and sales process.
  • Writing a custom script according to your Shopify configuration.
  • Reviewing test data with you in the NuORDER sandbox.
  • Making sure your team is updated throughout the process and addressing delays that might occur on either side.
  • Working with you to troubleshoot any unexpected issues that arise after launch.


What's Supported: Inventory


Immediate ATS (available to sell) quantities: We use the Inventory Level quantity in Shopify at the location level.

WIP (work-in-progress) inventory is not supported. 

Warehouses: Multiple warehouses are supported. You will need to set up the warehouses in NuORDER prior to uploading your data. (Go to Admin > Brand Settings > Inventory Settings.)

Automated Export Schedule: You will be able to decide how frequently you wish to export inventory data from Shopify. The schedule will be dependent on what Shopify supports.



Prebooking: For items that should have unlimited quantity available in NuORDER, you will control this directly in NuORDER via the Admin section. Rules can be based on any product attributes, and you will have direct access to control and update the rules as needed. 

Variant SKU or Variant Barcode from Shopify will be used to match the product in NuORDER. One of these values must be populated in the UPC field in NuORDER for the integration.




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