Linesheet Import Feature



Enabling the Linesheet Import Feature

The Linesheet Import Feature allows you to create a new linesheet/catalog via File Import


1. The Export menu option has been moved under the More Actions menu (three vertical dots) to the right of the Download button in your individual linesheets.




2.  There is an Import button on the main Linesheets/Catalog page and within each Linesheet/Catalog.


If you do not see the Import button, please contact our Heroes team or your Account Manager to enable this feature for you.




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Creating a New Linesheet/Catalog via Linesheet Import

To import a Linesheet, you will need to begin with a Linesheet Import Template. To download this template, begin by exporting one of your current linesheets using the export option. 

Step 1: Go to Linesheet/Catalogs
Step 2: Select a linesheet
Step 3: Click the More Action menu (3 vertical dots) appearing to the right of the Download
Step 4: Select the “Export” menu option; a new modal Export window appears
Step 5: Click the link to download the linesheet export; a new browser tab opens
Step 6: Click the Linesheet export link to start the download
You can then use the downloaded file as a new template for your new linesheet.
With this template, you can:

Add Products | Add rows for each product in the new linesheet/list and complete
required fields
Set Linesheet Settings | Title, Description, and Default PDF Template Settings.
Product Sort Order | Set the product sort order to establish the order in which products
appear in the linesheet

Here is a list of fields in your template:




Complete Your Import

To complete your import, start on the Linsheets page.


Step1: Click the Import Button to access the import modal-window


Step 2: Drag-and-drop your file onto the upload area. The linesheet import supports XLS, XSLX, and CSV file formats.


Step 3: Your linesheet/catalog import will continue to process. Click the Close button on the Import processing modal. You will receive an email when your linesheet is finished processing. You will see an informational message on the linesheet informing you that you will not be able to edit the linesheet until processing completes. Linesheet settings will be hidden until processing completes.

Editing an Existing Linesheet/Catalog

To edit a Linesheet, you will need to begin exporting any existing linesheet/catalog. Once downloaded, you can follow the same instructions for creating a new linesheet.

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