Site Manager - Fill your page with Widgets!

Begin to fill your page with Widget Groups.For help building your Booth Page, check out this article our Knowledge Base.


Widget Types

Create a beautiful page leveraging the following widgets:


Image widget:Make your content shoppable by adding hotspots to images. Tag products in images of your showroom so buyers can add products to cart, add to a custom list, view full size product images or link directly to the product detail page to get all the details.


Video widget: Bring your products to life by adding videos. Videos can be uploaded directly into NuORDER or linked through Youtube or Vimeo. 

    • If uploading to NuORDER, videos must be MP4 or MOV and up to 1GB in size. Supported ratios include 16:9 / 9:16, 2:3 / 3:2 and 4:3 / 3:4 and recommended videos are recorded at 1080p but will be transcoded to 720p after uploading. Videos can be set to auto-play on/off or sound on/off.
    • Campaign videos: Seasonal campaign videos that speak to the specific collection, as well as the brand as a whole
    • Product videos: Product videos can be added to the profile page to show product on model, lieu of 360 imagery or to call out key styles/products in the collection.

You can enable "Shoppable Video" in the video widget to allow your buyers to make a purchase directly from the video. For more information on Shoppable video, click here.


Text widget: Add text describing the inspiration for your collection or other critical info for buyers to understand your season’s offerings. Change font size, font family, color or other styling to represent your brand.


Product widget: Bring your product catalog data directly into pages. Commerce meets content with the ability to display products pulled directly from your catalog. Display all the same info as your product gallery and choose whether to show or hide your wholesale and MSRP pricing.


Linesheet widget: Bring your linesheets directly into pages. Display all the same info as your linesheet gallery.

    • Pin linesheets you’d like to feature at the top of the list
    • Select specific linesheets you want to display by selecting "Only show pinned linesheets"



360 Image widget: Allow buyers to view your products from any angle.  Upload as few as four and as many as seventy-two images and NuORDER will build an interactive 360 image where buyers can drag their cursor and spin the image to see your products as if they were in your showroom viewing them.


Image/Video carousel:  Allow buyers to browse through your showroom with a looped image and video carousel. Tag products in the images to display product information and allow buyers to shop from your showroom pages

    • Add up to 20 slides
    • Reorder your slides by selecting the up and down arrows
    • Add hotspots to your image slides

3D Widget: Add a photo-realistic 3D display of your products to Site Manager with the 3D widget, letting customers view your product from any angle. 

3D Walk Through: Create a 3D walkthrough of your showroom in NuORDER with our Matterport integration. With 3D showrooms, buyers can navigate and view products close up in a fully immersive, 3D environment. While viewing virtual showrooms, buyers can also view product details and add items to their cart.


Widget Groups: Bring your vision to life without the hassle. Instead of adding widgets one by one, you now have the option to design pages using widget groups. Create an immersive online experience that matches your brand faster than ever before.

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