How to Apply to the NetSuite RESTapi Beta Program

This article is for Brands using NetSuite who would like to apply for the RESTapi Beta Program.

What is the RESTapi Beta Program?

NetSuite is rolling out support for third party APIs to make calls to retrieve more details from records within NetSuite. These records include products, customers, inventory, sales orders, purchase orders, and item fulfillment record types.

What do I have to do to be part of the Beta Program?

Currently the Oracle NetSuite Umbrella BETA Program needs to be opted-into by NetSuite clients. It is not available to all NetSuite clients automatically. If you are not already in this Program with NetSuite, you will need to fill in this recruitment form to start the process. This will be processed by the Oracle Beta Program Office and then the beta features can be enabled for your account.

Access to the recruitment form requires Oracle Single-Sign-On login. If you don’t have an Oracle SSO, you will need to create an account and then log in to the recruitment form using you Oracle SSO.

Is there another way to sign up for the Beta Program?

You can also sign up for the beta program by navigating, within NetSuite to the Setup tab Company > Enable Features



You should then see a large banner that includes information about the Oracle Umbrella Beta Program Recruitment Form with a link.



Once the application is approved by NetSuite, (currently a 2-3 week turn around time) NuORDER can begin using our advanced integration middleware for Products, Customers, Pricesheets, Sales Order imports and updates, Item Fulfillment (Orders_Shipment), and Replenishment inventory by PO.

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