My Sites

What is 'My Sites'

My Sites is a collection of pages you've created for in your portal such as your Homepage and Virtual Showroom. 



Homepage is the main hub of your brand portal where you can link different sites you've created to tell the story of your brand and collection. 


Virtual Showroom is designed to be a hub where you can showcase your products and brand. You can share shoppable lookbooks, digital catalogs and linesheets, color palettes and key styles




Designate Your Page



You can designate a page as the site landing page, brand portal homepage or linesheet landing page by clicking on the I icon.


Site Landing Page is the default landing pages for the site. 


Homepage is the page that retailers see when they log into your portal or when they select the home button in the nav bar.


Linesheet Page is the page that retailers see when they select the linesheet button in the nav bar.





You also have the ability to make a copy of a page or import a page from another site. 




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