Introduction to Sites Manager

What is Sites Manager?


What is Sites Manager


Site Manager is where you'll build and manage your brand pages such as Homepage, Virtual showrooms, and where you can view the Digital Trade Shows you are participating in.


To begin, visit the Sites Manager.  Sites Manager is reached from the sidebar navigation, Settings > Sites Manager




You'll find two tabs:

My Sites - Your brand pages - Homepage, VirtualShowroom, Linesheets

Event Sites - This shows you all of the Digital Tradeshows sites that you are participating in and the corresponding booth page you've created for each show.





Booth Page: The homepage for your brand during any LIVE event. This is built with various design widgets using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.  From here, brands can connect with you to view your full Virtual Showroom and place orders. 



Homepage and Virtual Showroom:  Once connected, retailers are brought to your portal Homepage. From here,  buyers can navigate to other pages of your portal such as the Virtual Showroom that you have designed.



What is the difference between Pages Manager Sites Manager? 



Sites Manager has all the feature functionalities of Pages Manager with additional features such as;


    • Ability to work on sites without the pages being published
    • Ability to drag and drop widgets to the page
    • Ability to import any page within Site Manager 
    • Ability to add video and reorder slides in carousel widget
    • Ability to view the page on desktop, mobile, and tablet screens
    • Ability to customize the layout of a widget by add padding and margins 
    • Ability to select from Google Fonts in a text widget
    • Ability to loop video and upload video from Youtube or Vimeo in the video widget
    • Ability to select a custom URL for brand site
    • Ability to organize brand pages by the site (i.e. create sites for each collection or sub-brand)


When creating new pages, we recommend that you use Sites Manager even if you have existing pages in Pages Manager. Please note that pages created in Pages Manager will not be importable to Sites Manager.




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