Web Release: December 2020

Our latest  release features some  key improvements requested by brands to help retailers place order shipped to an alternate address and add more control for brands needing more complex color swatches for products.

NuORDER Payments 

  • Access our NuORDER Payments Section if you are a NuORDER Payments member and have complete access to:
    • Daily Transactions that have been deposited to your bank account
    • Chargeback management
    • Monthly Statements with data regarding purchases, fees, card types, debits and credits to your bank account during the monthly period.

Shipment Lifecycle

  • As an integrated brand provide clear line item status for all items in a shipment
  • New fields and API end points for integration with the Shipment Lifecycle Feature.
  • Buyers can view the status of all items within a shipment including items that have shipped with active tracking numbers.
  • Buyers and Brands can use the order detail page to monitor the item details of the shipment and how they are moving through the cycle.
  • Brands can now view orders based on their shipment status to watch how the order is being fulfilled.
  • Buyers will now receive emails updating them about the status of their shipments with tracking numbers and a clear item list of what is and is no included within the current shipment.

Sites Manager 

Build and manage your homepage, Virtual Showrooms, and tradeshow booths with the new all-in-one page editing experience.

  • Brands can now build virtual showrooms to showcase products as well as trade show booth pages by leveraging our Sites Manager
  • Choose from 9 updated widgets designed to tell the story of your collection in a compelling format including 360 imagery, video, shoppable hotspots and more.
  • Choose from predefined layouts of widgets to make building pages quick and easy and copy pages to use as templates for even faster build out of your Virtual Showroom and Digital Tradeshow Booth.

Site Manager has feature parity with Pages Manager in addition to some added functionality. Site Manager will be the focus of continuous improvement.

  • Advantages of using Sites Manager over Pages Manager includes
    • Ability to work on sites without the pages being published
    • Ability to drag and drop widgets to page
    • Ability to import any page within Site Manager 
    •  Ability to add video and reorder slides in carousel widget
    •  Ability to view page in desktop, mobile and tablet screens
    • Ability to customize the layout of a widget by add padding and margins 
    • Ability to select from Google Fonts in text widget
    • Ability to loop video and upload video from Youtube or Vimeo in video widget
    • Ability to select a vanity URL for brand site
    • Ability to organize brand pages by site (i.e. create sites for each collection or sub-brand)
    • …Sites Manager will be continually improved (and this list will continue to grow)

New and Updated Widgets in Sites Manager

  • Text Widget: Customize your page by selecting from 100 of the most popular Google fonts in the text widget
  • Linesheet Widget: Bring your linesheets into your showroom and tradeshow pages and pin featured linesheets to the top of a list with the linesheet widget
  • Customer Group Visibility: Save time on content segmentation by setting visibility rules in bulk on  Image, Carousel, Video, 360 Image widget using the Customer Group feature
  • Mobile/Tablet Preview: Review page for different screen sizes including desktop, mobile and tablet.

New Filter Option for Reporting

Brands often times wish to use draft orders that may not have quantities to set production projections but choosing an average value of units based on historical orders. The problem however has been that draft order totals have also included EZ Orders which serve more as suggested orders than actually draft orders that may turn into actual orders. To address this problem we have added a filter option for EZ Orders to our Reports. For all reports where you can choose Status as a parameter, you will not be able to exclude EZ Orders by selecting the filter option.




If you have questions or comments about anything listed above, please contact heroes@nuorder.com.




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