Shipment Lifecycle Status: Backorder

NuORDER now offers the ability for INTEGRATED brands to support line item status within orders and shipments.   If you're ERP has currently been integrated with NuORDER this feature is readily available with a few updates and a preference change.  If you're interested in this feature and integration please contact 


What is the Shipment Lifecycle?

The shipment lifecycle tracks the items in every shipment that is part of a complete order.  This allows buyers to track at the item level whether items in a shipment have been "shipped, pending, on backorder or canceled).   


Key Features of Shipment Lifecycle

Filter Orders by shipment status

As a brand or buyer you will access to orders a new filter and new status column will be available to search for orders based on their state in the shipping cycle.

On the order page a new filter called "Shipment Status" will be present for brands and buyers to use for their orders.

By selecting any of the options within the filter the order list will refresh to show only orders that have matching criteria.  You can search on multiple or single statuses.




Shipment Status Column:

Within the order screen, we recommend adding our new "shipment status" column to your order view.  This will show you by the order where in the lifecycle the shipment is.   To enable this column:

  1. Click the "Columns button" on the Order Page
  2. Select "shipment status" and toggle that column on
  3. Wait and refresh page if needed to see the column appear.


Reviewing the Order Details

The Order Details Page has been completely redesigned to show you the status of each item in a delivery.  As an Integrated brand, you can work with our onboarding and integrations team to update your API calls and flat-file documents to support this new feature.  For API integration you can view our API documentation here.

The New Order Detail page will show the following:
- Status at the size and item level of the order
- Tracking numbers for all shipments that are in a delivery
- As items move through the shipment lifecycle this page will be updated showing the proper status.



Flat File Template Updates

If working with Flat Files simply add these three new columns if they are not currently on your shipment file and set the statuses accordingly to display the order items and their progress.  


Please note: If you choose to use Shipment Lifecycle these fields are not OPTIONAL.



Turning on Shipment Lifecycle

To have this feature enabled please reach out to or your Customer Support representative.





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