Downloading/Exporting Linesheets


Below are instructions for Downloading & Exporting the Linesheets that you have created in NuORDER as your Digital Trade Event is coming to a close. 


Downloading Linesheets


Step 1: Begin by choosing any of your Linesheets from your Linesheets Page


Step 2: At the top-right of your Linesheet, click Download to select your download settings. 




Step 3: Select your Download Settings.



File Format: Here you will choose what format you would like your download to be in. 

  • PDF | This will download a PDF format Linesheet. This is the best format for a Visual Representation of your Linesheet. 
  • XLS Order Form | This will download your linesheet as an order form that can be sent to buyers. 
  • ATS Report | This will download another XLS format to show you Available to Sell, but is not formatted as an Order Form. 

Note: Each of these options has additional settings. Make sure to select all your preferences before downloading.



Exporting Your Linesheet


Step 1: From your Linesheet, select Export at the top right of your screen. 




Step 2: Follow the prompts to complete your Export. 

Note: This will download an XLS of the Product Data for your Linesheet. 



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