Exporting Your Orders


Begin by navigating to Orders from the side-bar menu. 


Exporting Your Data Order In Bulk

On your Orders page, you will see a list-view report of all the orders that have been placed during the event. You can export this data in bulk or individually. This export will download in the form of a XLS spreadsheet.


Step 1: To export this data in bulk, click the Export button at the top-right of your screen. 



Step 2: Choose whether you would like Full order details or Order Summary.


Full Order Details

Full Order Details will give you the summary information you see on screen, as well as the order details within. (i.e. Styles, Colors, Quantities, Etc).


Order Summary

Order Summary provides you high-level information about the orders that have been placed (i.e. Buyer, Order Date, Order Value).


Exporting the Data for Individual Orders

Step 1: Begin hovering your mouse over any of your orders. on the right side, click on the 3-dot icon to select more actions.



Step 2: Select the format in which you would like your order export. export_order.png
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