I Have Received Connection Requests. Now What?

This article will cover (2) Key Strategies for a successful Digital Tradeshow

1) Accepting Connections Requests ASAP

2) Proactive Outreach to Buyers

  • Accepting Connection Requests
  • Buyer Outreach
  • Inviting Buyers to a Virtual Meeting
  • Campaigns

Accepting Connection Requests

You will receive notification both in NuORDER and in your Email inbox.


The 'Connection Requests' page can be found by hovering over your 'Contacts' tab on the left side menu and selecting 'Connection requests'.  


If your brand has pending Connection requests, there will be a teal numerical value on the 'Connection' requests' tab indicating how many requests are pending.


After the 'Connection Requests' page opens, there will be a list of your brand's connection requests. The list contains account information for the Retailer (broken up into different columns), filtering options to filter your requests by, and a search bar to search requests. There are also options to Export the connection requests and the ability to alter the columns that are displayed on this page. 



Integrated brands will not see the option to approve requests within the connection manager, as any new contact should first be added to their ERP, then sent to NuORDER via their integration feed.



You can receive email notifications when a new connection request is submitted by a retailer.


Buyer Outreach (Emailing Buyers)

Just like in a physical show, you will be required to do a bit of marketing and outreach to get your desired result. Your digital tradeshow, while more convenient, is not different in that regard. One way you can do this is by emailing your buyer as soon as you have connected with them. 

The most common outreach would be to send a linesheet. To send a linesheet, select a linesheet, and click Send in the top-right corner. 



To complete sending your linesheet, you will have some options to select. These options include:


Send as EZ Order: This will allow users to place an order using your linesheet without needing to log into NuORDER.

Include PDF: This will include a PDF version of your linesheet for the recipient.

Include XLSX: This will include a spreadsheet version of your linesheet for the recipient.

Expiration: This will set a date for your EZ Order to expire.

Ship Start & Ship End: This will define shipping date ranges for EZ Orders.

NuORDER Contacts: Enter the buyer contacts that you would like to send this linesheet to.

CC Emails: Include an email address that you would like to copy when sending your linesheet (you will need to toggle off EZ Order to include contacts of non-NuORDER contacts).

Email Subject & Message: Craft a greeting/message to your buyer before sending your linesheet.


Inviting Buyers to a Virtual Meeting


Here is an example of how this might look in your email:

Hello [Buyer Name]!

Thanks for connecting with us!

Attached is our current collection. Please take a moment to check it out.

We would love the opportunity to meet with you and walk you through our collection.
You can schedule some time with us here: www.calendly.com/RevolutionFashion

We look forward to working with you.

[Your Name]

There are several free services that will allow you to do this. We recommend checking Calendly and others like it.


A Campaign is launched anytime you send a Custom List to one or more recipients. Information about what happens to those emails, and what the recipients did, or did not do, are displayed in a Campaign dashboard.

Begin by navigating to Campaigns from the left-side navigation. 


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