Linking Widgets to Portal Pages

Linking Widgets on your Booth Page

When creating your Booth Page, you are able to link image widgets to key areas of your portal. 

With an image widget selected, your Component Settings will allow you to have the image act as a hyperlink.


Link Type: You have the option for Page Link  or URL

  • Page Link allows you to choose one of the pages that you have created for your Virtual Showroom.
  • URL allows you to link to any page within your portal or externally.
  • Target allows you to define if the link will open this window or a new tab.


Linking Linesheets and Other Pages

You can, of course, link to any page within your NuORDER portal or externally. To Link to any key page in your Portal, like Linesheets or Products, you can simply grab the URL at the top of your browser. 


You can copy and paste the URL that appears at the top of the browser from any page in your portal. Use this URL to link images on your booth page. 



Linking Widgets in your Virtual Showroom

Similarly, you can also make the same configurations for images in your Virtual Showroom. 


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