FAQs: Trade Show Pre-Registration

Who may shop during the Digital Trade Event? 

The digital trade event is open for qualified fashion retailers and retail buyers only.In order to become a qualified retailer, you need to register for the event.

How do I register for the Digital Trade Event? 

Registration is open during all eight weeks of the digital trade event. 


SwimShow: https://www.swimshow.com/retailer-registration/

COTERIE Digital : https://www.coteriefashionevents.com/en/show/coterie.html
PROJECT Digital: https://www.projectfashionevents.com/en/homeny.html
MAGIC Digital: https://www.magicfashionevents.com/en/home.html
MICAM Americas Digital: https://www.magicfashionevents.com/en/shows/micam-americas.html

MICAM Milano: https://milano.themicam.com/en/micam-digital-buyer-registration/

Full event calendar can be seen at https://partnerships.nuorder.com/digitaltradeshows

Is there a cost to access the Digital Trade Event?

There is no registration fee for qualified buyers.

What is required to register for the Digital Trade Event? 

 To shop during the Digital Trade Event, all attendees must be qualified fashion buyers or retailers. All credentials are reviewed, and admission to digital trade events is subject to the approval by the event host (Informa Markets, SwimShow, MICAM Milano.)

Valid credentials include: an active e-commerce website, tax registration showing your business is a valid retailer, wholesaler, distributor or importer/exporter, recent invoices for the purchase of finished products.  

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