Best Practices for DTE Booth Pages

Digital Trade Event Booth pages act as a landing page for your buyers and gives you the opportunity to explain your brand - the ethos, processes, production - as well your collections and an overview of product through the use of creative assets and rich media. 

Think of your Booth page as the shop window for your brand! The goal is create an appealing store front that will encourage your buyers to 'come inside' - i.e. sending the connection request to view your NuORDER homepage/showroom, linesheets and products.


The Building Blocks of a Booth Page

You can create a beautiful and engaging booth using a series of image- or text-based widgets. A successful page will draw together our supported media to showcase the brand, the collection and  individual products in a rich way. It also depends on what kind of assets you have on hand. We encourage you to use what you have to the fullest but also keep the focus on your brand identity and selling. 
  • Logo -  
    • Always include a logo to the top of your brand pages so buyers know that they have landed in the correct place.


  • Images -
    • Marketing/campaign images: Seasonal or evergreen campaign assets that speak to the brand
    • Lookbook images: Images that highlight your specific collection and gives buyers a sneak peak of the collection ahead of sending connection requests
    • Showroom images: Images of your showroom and/or product merchandised on rails/shelves
    • Product images: Product images gives buyers a sneak peak of the collection ahead of sending connection requests
    • Moodboards, sketches and inspiration images: Adding images of your design process, production, moodboard or reference images can help tell the story of your collection
    • Color palette: Nice to include as a reference to the collection 



  • Videos - 
    • Campaign videos: Seasonal campaign videos that speak to the specific collection, as well as the brand as a whole
    • Product videos: Product videos can be added to the profile page to show product on model, lieu of 360 imagery or to call out key styles/products in the collection.
  • Text - 
    • Brand bios: Introduce your brand by providing a brand bio
    • Production information: Talk through topline of your production process 
    • Seasonal collection overviews: Give context to your collection and explain what they can expect for your collection when they send a connection request to shop with you




Next Steps for Booth Set Up

NuORDER is built to be very simple to use and easy to navigate. There is no design or tech experience necessary to deliver great content for your buyers through your Booth page. Using our simple drag and drop widgets allows you to curate your page easily and efficiently. 

  1. Gather Your Content:

    • Work with the Creative, Design and Marketing teams to pull together images of inspiration, mood boards, sketches, swatches, color palettes, etc.

    • Indicate available photos/videos that can be used to populate your pages and any gaps of content that will need to be created

    • Shoot any content needed, even if it is just with a smartphone

  2. Plan Your Layout

    • Plan how you’d like to display all of your assets on a sheet of paper and translate that into your Booth using widgets as placeholders for available content

  3. Create Your Pages in NuORDER!

    • Review NuORDER’s content specs
    • Drag and drop the content into the Booth framework in NuORDER
    • Fine-tune any content 
    • Publish the page

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