Size Packs (Tradeshow)

During your tradeshow event, NuORDER supports selling Prepacks. To do so, we recommend that you set up your data as follows:

  • Wholesale USD: This is your wholesale price per unit, not the pack price.
  • Retail USD: This is your suggested retail price per unit.
  • Size 1: Put in the pack contents here. It should be the size & quantity per size for the entire pack.
  • Units Per Pack 1: This is the total number of units in the pack.


When setting up this way, it will appear in NuORDER as follows:



You will see the pack options and the number of units per pack as part of the product details.
If you order 1 pack, you will see the number of total units in the order equal to the units per pack and the number of units per pack will be multiplied by the wholesale price.
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