Web Update August 2020

Our latest  release features some  key improvements requested by brands to help retailers place order shipped to an alternate address and add more control for brands needing more complex color swatches for products.

Retailers can now ship to a secondary address (Drop Ship)

  • Ship your purchases to different warehouse or directly to stores by using our secondary address tool and drop ship selection; this can help reduce your shipping fees and give you more flexibility.
  • Brands can offer drop shipping to retailers by enabling the function and setting up their carrier of choice to offer drop shipping with our shipping module.
  • When this feature is enabled all retailers will have the ability to enter a different shipping address than the company address on file.
  • All communications about the order will display the secondary shipping address and indicate it is considered Drop Ship

For Retailers:


For Brands:


  • Connect a shipping carrier using our shipping module, if you’re not currently using our shipping module reach out to heroes@nuorder.com or your Client Success Manager.
  • You can associate that carrier to appear as your “drop ship” carrier.
  • You can only have one carrier associated to drop ship.
    • Update (April 2021): You can now offer buyers multiple carriers to choose from with drop shipping.
  • Set your min and max thresholds for what qualifies as drop ship and you’re all set.



More Sophisticated Color Swatch Control

Brands that need a more sophisticated presentation of color swatches in product detail pages can take advantage of two new preferences. Oftentimes luxury brands where prebook is predominant may not have all standard product images in every color to display and  may only have color swatch images.  We have enabled a preference for brands to show color swatch images in place of the hero image in the Available Colors carousel.  


Available Colors carousel for grouped products showing default Hero image for grouped products


Available Colors carousel for grouped products when preference for Color Swatch images is enabled

Brands can also choose to change the label that appears beneath the Color Swatch image. This preference is useful for brands that wish to have more complex color name where instead of a simple color name,  a more descriptive label such as color + fabrication or color code is desired. Brands can choose to create a new product data field and map the color swatch label to the newly created field.

Control Your Full-size Image Downloads

Brands concerned with retailers downloading full-size product images can take advantage of a new preference that will remove the download link from the full-size product image view. The preference will also remove the ability to right-click and “save image as”. 


Full size product image view when clicking on the Zoom icon from a product or clicking the main image in a product detail page. Note the download icon which typically appears next to the zoom controls has been removed.

To have any of these preferences enabled, please reach out to our NuORDER heroes.

Digital Trade Show - Curation by Hosts

Trade show hosts can customize the Digital Trade Show experience by curating content

  • Custom login pages, vanity URLs, show exposure in buyer dashboard and main navigation bar
  • Create categories for buyers to discover brands
  • Edit your trade show pages by using the variety of tools and widgets to engage and ultimately connect buyers and brands


Digital Trade Show - Trade Show “booth” creation by Brands

Brands exhibiting at the Digital Trade show can create their page (the equivalent of a booth in the physical world)

  • Go to Sites Manager to see which trade show(s) you have access to
  • Optimize your exposure by adding a brand description and selecting product categories that best represents your brand
  • Edit your trade show page by using the variety of tools and widgets to best represent your brand or collection


If you have questions or comments about anything listed above, please contact heroes@nuorder.com.

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