Creating a Booth for Digital Trade Events

Brands participating in Digital Trade Events such as Magic, Coterie, Project, etc. will be able to create their Booths within NuORDER.

Booths are visible to any buyers shopping within the Digital Trade Event without the need for a connection. For further visibility on linesheets and commence shopping, buyers will request to connect with the brand, and the brand will grant access based on their own discretion.

Booths act as a landing page that gives you the opportunity to explain your brand - the ethos, processes, production - as well your collections and an overview of product through the use of creative assets and rich media. 

Below explains how to create a booth, as well as tips and best practices for creating an engaging page.


How to Build A Booth

To create a page, log in with NuORDER credentials. Navigate to Settings > Site Manager.


Within Site Manager, you will see all of the shows for which you have registered. It explains show name, sub-shows, event dates and show status. Select an event to start building your page.


Before you get started, be sure your page name is correct as this is how buyers will identify you. You also want to click on the  ' i '  icon in the top right corner to edit your brand information. 


IMAGE - You must upload an image that will be displayed for buyers when they are searching or scrolling within the Digital Trade Event. We recommend superimposing your logo on top of a marketing image to make your brand stand out. Image must be JPG/PNG only, 360px x 360px minimum, 1:1 aspect ratio.


DESCRIPTION - Add a short brand
description that will be visible to buyers when they are searching or scrolling within the Digital Trade Event. All words used in your description will be searchable so be sure to use as many keywords as possible. Description can have a maximum of 90 characters.


CATEGORY - Select up to 20 categories and tags associated with your brand to ensure buyers find you during searches within the
Digital Trade Event. 

To start building your page, you will have the option to add popular widget groupings, individual widgets and use columns to structure your page.


Based on your available content, you can add any of the following types of widgets:

  • Image

  • Video

  • Text

  • Text Blocks

Just drag the widgets onto your page and populate with assets/text.


To add content to a widget, double click and upload images/videos as needed into the gray box. You can also adjust the margins/padding of the cells  and hyperlink the widgets to pages within NuORDER or external URLs.


Using these widgets and widget groups, you can build out your Brand Page to showcase your brand and collections very quickly.



What to Include in Your Booth

The great thing about our pages is that they are completely flexible. You can create a beautiful and engaging profile using a series of image- or text-based widgets. A successful page will draw together our supported media to showcase the brand, the collection and  individual products in a rich way. It also depends on what kind of assets you have. We encourage you to use what you have to the fullest but also keep the focus on your brand identity and selling. 

  • Logo -  
    • We always recommend adding your logo to the top of your brand pages so buyers know that they have landed in the correct place.
    • A logo can be added as an image using the image widget

  • Images -
    • Images can be supported within image widget or image carousel widget.
    • The images must be JPG or PNG, 72DPI, RGB colorspace and compressed for web between 100-500kb. 
    • Some interesting types of images that you could include on your Tradeshow Brand Profile pages are:

      • Campaign and lookbook images: Seasonal campaign and lookbook assets that speak to the specific collection, as well as the brand as a whole
      • Showroom images: Images of your showroom and/or product merchandised on rails/shelves
      • Product images: Including product images gives buyers a sneak peak of the collection ahead of sending connection requests
      • Moodboards, sketches and inspiration images: Adding images of your design process, production, moodboard or reference images can help tell the story of your collection.
  • Videos - 
    • Videos are supported within the video widget and can be uploaded directly into NuORDER or linked through Youtube or Vimeo.
    • If uploading to NuORDER, videos must be MP4 or MOV and up to 1GB in size. Supported ratios include 16:9 / 9:16, 2:3 / 3:2 and 4:3 / 3:4 ad recommend videos are recorded at 1080p but will be transcoded to 720p after uploading. Videos can be set to auto-play on/off or sound on/off.
      • Campaign videos: Seasonal campaign videos that speak to the specific collection, as well as the brand as a whole

      • Product videos: Product videos can be added to the profile page to show product on model, lieu of 360 imagery or to call out key styles/products in the collection.

  • Text - 
    • Text can be added to your page through the text block widget to introduce the brand, give context to your collection and set headers throughout the page. 
    • The text widget allows for customization of font, size, alignment, spacing and color, along with the ability to bolden, italicize or underline. 

For full image and video specs and requirements, including naming conventions, please see Video and 360 Image Requirements And Recommendations.




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