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Homepages within NuORDER are a great extension of your brand identity and image and can be set up to mirror your e-commerce presence. They are fully flexible in regards to layout and also types of content showcased. Below are suggestions regarding the types of content that we often see on NuORDER homepages:

  • Create a custom page to host the content for your virtual showroom

  • Highlight the inspiration behind the collection using text, images or video.

  • Display the color palette for the collection.

  • Talk about the materials & any certifications

  • Add videos from production & sourcing

  • Top 10 Looks that tell the story of your collection

  • Incorporate international sizing charts

  • Link to your brand’s social media accounts

  • Share looks from your brand ambassadors or influencers

  • Video walk through of your showroom

  • Share the latest news & press articles

  • Help the buyers navigate your page - add links to different sections of NuORDER including: orders, linesheets, showroom, and media

  • Link multiple pages and create new content for each page

  • Add a link to a page dedicated to your showroom

  • Highlight ATS, delivery, and best seller linesheets

  • Help the buyers navigate through the content of your NuORDER portal with navigation links




Virtual Showroom

From the homepage, use a widget to link out to the Virtual Showroom. The Virtual Showroom page is built in the same way as your homepage, using widgets to house content and populate the page. Virtual Showrooms should be used to mirror the previously in-person showroom/tradeshow experience a buyer would have had - provide context for the collection, share inspiration, explain the fabrication and color palette, highlight assortments, etc. Below are suggestions for content to include to create a dynamic showroom experience for buyers:

  • Upload swatch images

  • Material information and certifications

  • Inspiration for the collection

  • Highlight bloggers & brand ambassadors

  • Add video content from your founder/ CEO

  • Add a video walk through of your showroom

  • Add fit guide



Linesheets and Catalogs

 It's very important to direct your buyers to product when on your Virtual Showroom as the purpose is to generate wholesale orders. Any linesheets that are active within your NuORDER portal will appear the bottom of any page created within the Pages Manager. Help your buyers to navigate your collection(s) by creating linesheets and catalogs. Below are suggestions for linesheets and catalogs to create that clearly highlight seasons, trends and availability to your buyers:

  • Linesheets by Season
  • Delivery Window / Delivery Month
  • Best Sellers
  • Key Trends
  • Focus Initiatives
  • Category Linesheets
  • Available To ShipCore / Carryover Styles



Collections by Delivery

There are a number of ways you can split your collection for easy buyer navigation. One way to do this is to split your collection by delivery month or delivery window. These pages can be built off your Virtual Showroom landing page and linked via URL. This allows buyers to understand what will be landing on the floor and how it will look merchandised together each month. Some content to consider including:

  • Add photos or videos of racks arranged by delivery in the showroom
  • Highlight key looks in the collection for each delivery
  • Add best sellers
  • Include 360-degree imagery of key styles or new pieces
  • Include showroom imagery



Shop by Look 

Another way to allow buyers to shop your collection is to employ shop by look. Some brands prefer this as you can see all pieces that make up each look in runway or lookbook images. This is made possible by adding product hotspots to your images. Some brands also like to include product videos alongside the images to show how the pieces are worn and how they move. 




Shop by Category 

Some brands like to split their collections by category, calling out key categories for your buyers to hone into. This is another option of how to build out your Virtual Showroom and homepages and is entirely down to preference. 




How to Get Started

NuORDER is built to be very simple to use and easy to navigate. There is no design or tech experience necessary to deliver great content for your buyers. Using our simple drag and drop widgets allows you to curate your page easily and efficiently. 

  1. Gather Your Content:

    • Work with the Creative, Design and Marketing teams to pull together images of inspiration, mood boards, sketches, swatches, color palettes, etc.

    • Indicate available photos/videos that can be used to populate your pages and any gaps of content that will need to be created

    • Shoot any content needed, even if it is just with a smartphone

  2. Plan Your Layout

    • Plan how you’d like to display all of your assets on a sheet of paper and translate that into your Portal using widgets as placeholders for available content

    • Work with the E-Commerce team to mimic the B2C experience for the B2B customer

  3. Create Your Pages in NuORDER!

    • Review NuORDER’s content specs
    • Drag and drop the content into the layout framework built in NuORDER
    • Fine-tune any content 
    • Publish the page


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