Assets Suggested for Virtual Showrooms

NuORDER has reimagined go-to-market with their new Virtual Showrooms, transforming digital linesheets into an immersive digital showroom and shopping experience with shoppable hotspots, 360-degree imagery and videos. 

Virtual Showrooms are built the same way that NuORDER homepages using a series of image- or text-based widgets. While we have always supported text, images and videos on landing pages, 360 imagery will be supported for the first time within Virtual Showrooms. The size of supported video files has also increased to up to 1GB per video. 

A successful Virtual Showroom (VS) will draw together all supported media to showcase the collection and its individual pieces in a rich way.

For assistance and guidelines for building virtual showroom portals, please see Virtual Showroom How Tos and Best Practices 


Showroom Images

Showroom imagery can be used to link to your VS from your homepage

You can also add shoppable hotspots to your showroom imagery within your VS portal

Showroom images are most successful when shot to feel as though the client is moving through the space and placed within an image carousel widget

When using shoppable hotspots on showroom images, we recommend using caution

You want to avoid adding too many hotspots as it will look too cluttered and be difficult to navigate. We suggest using stratigic hotspots to call our key styles or new, specialty pieces instead of hotspotting every product in every image

We recommend using the following number of hotspots based on the following image widths:

  • 100% Width: 8-10 Hotspots
  • 50% Width: 4-5 Hotspots
  • 25% Width: 1-2 Hotspots 
  • 2/3 Width: 5-6 Hotspots
  • 1/3 Width: 2-3 Hotspots

We also recommend not placing a hotspot too close to the margin of an image




Product and 360 Images

You may want to use product and 360 imagery to call out key styles within your virtual showroom

Product imagery will be linked to your linesheet data so extra resource will not be required for this

360 imagery is an engaging way to showcase your product that mimics the in-person buying experience of seeing pieces from all angles and focus (zoom) into intricate product details

If shooting all product in 360-degree is not possible, we recommend at least shooting key styles and specialty pieces from the collection

If shooting 360 imagery for VS, you will need to allow for enough time for pre-production, shooting and post-production prior to go-live. This can be 2-3 weeks depending on SKU count and should be considered in initial planning meetings





Lookbook, Runway and Moodboard/Reference Images

  • Runway and lookbook images can be used in the same way 360 and product images are as detailed above, either on product detail pages or virtual showroom landing pages

  • On the VS LP, they can be used to call out key styles for the collection and moodboard/reference images can be used when speaking to the inspiration of the collection, the fabrics and colours used and interesting or new cuts for the season.

  • These images can also be displayed in an image carousel






  • We strongly recommend to use of video within your VS for content diversity, displaying alongside product, 360, lookbook or runway imagery

  • Videos can be used across your VS, whether it is seasonal marketing campaigns, branded collection recaps, individual product videos or runway/backstage videos

  • The video can be set to either have auto-play on/off or sound on/off

  • One format that we recommend is using video to highlight a specific look alongside a image hotspotted to call out the individual styles that make up the look 




  • Our new text-only widgets will allow you to add copy to your page without having to add copy as images, which has been the case in the past

  • These text-only widgets can be used alongside any creative asset widgets to introduce or give further context to the collection
  • With this text widget, you will have customization of font, size, alignment, spacing and color, along with the ability to bolden, italicize or underline


Recommended Image/Video Sizes and Weights:
  • Video

    • Must be .MP4 or .MOV

    • Each video can now be up to 1GB

    • NuORDER recommends videos are recorded at 1080p but will be transcoded to 720p after uploading

    • Supported ratios include 16:9 / 9:16, 2:3 / 3:2 and 4:3 / 3:4

  • Images

    • Must be .JPEG

    • Resolution of 72dpi

    • Compressed to be in the 100kb - 400kb range

    • Saved in the RGB colorspace

    • Product Detail Pages - Exact dimensions of images full size are 700px (width) by 1100px (height), but customers are not required to shoot at this dimension

    • Homepage/Virtual Showroom LP - NuORDER will dynamically size image size based upon the width settings for the widget. 

  • For full image and video specs and requirements, including naming conventions, please see media upload requirements and recommendations .

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