Web Update - June 2020

Bridge the Gap with Virtual Showrooms

Our Virtual Showrooms feature is live. Leveraging our Pages Manager, you can now build an immersive buying experience using 360 imagery, shoppable hotspots, and more. Choose from 7 different new and updated page widgets that are designed to tell the story of your collection in a visually compelling format. Choose from predefined layouts of widgets to make building pages quick and easy and copy pages to use as templates for even faster build out of your Virtual Showroom


New and updated widgets:

  • Image widget: Make your content  shoppable by adding hotspots to images. Tag products in images of your showroom so buyers can add products to cart, add to a custom list, view  full size product images or link directly to the product detail page to get all the details


  • 360 Image widget: Allow buyers to view your products from any angle.  Upload as few as four and as many as seventy-two images and NuORDER will build an interactive 360 image where buyers can drag their cursor and spin the image to see your products as if they were in your showroom viewing them.


  • Video widget: Upload even longer format video (up to 1 Gb) with our updated video widget. You can also configure if your video will play automatically and if the sound will be on by default to create the experience you want for viewers of the showroom.


  • Image carousel:  Allow buyers to browse through your showroom with a looped image carousel. Tag products in the showroom to display product information and allow buyers to shop from your showroom pages


  • Text widget: Add text describing the inspiration for your collection or other critical info for buyers to understand your season’s offerings. Change font size, font family, color or other styling to represent your brand.


  • Product widget: Bring your product catalog data directly into pages. Commerce meets content with the ability to display products pulled directly from your catalog. Display all the same info as your product gallery and choose whether to show or hide your wholesale and MSRP pricing.


  • Widget Groups: Bring your vision to life without the hassle. Instead of adding widgets one by one, you now have the option to design pages using widget groups. Create an immersive online experience that matches your brand faster than ever before.


Bring Your Products to Life

In addition to being able to add video and 360 image widgets to your Virtual Showroom pages, we have added support for video and 360 images on your product detail pages. 


Close up of as product detail page when both video and 360 images have been uploaded.  Buyers can click the icon to launch 360 images or video in the full size view as with full size images. You can click the "3-dot" action menu below the main image to access the upload for both 360 images and video. Support for bulk upload is coming in a subsequent release.



Closeup of a 360 image displaying in a full size view when the "360" icon is clicked below the product images.


Move ATS Inventory More Quickly

Also in this release, we have new ways to support ATS sales by highlighting available inventory. You can now show total inventory count across sizes in product detail pages and in your Linesheet PDFs. 


When viewing your product detail pages,  you can choose to display a total inventory column that represents the sum of all sizes per delivery. The same total appears for theInventory Arriving table as well.


When working in a linesheet/catalog or custom list, you can choose to add an Inventory total line to your PDF linesheets. This option is supported across standard and custom templates allowing you to easily display total inventory across sizes to buyers that may be looking to take all available stock. 

Payments Improvements

Automate, Automate, Automate - New Two Way Integration patterns

In concert with our other integration feeds (e.g. orders, order edits)  Payments two way has been added to our suite to make key areas of processing credit cards automated to reduce your manual overhead.  

    • Automate Refunds:   With your ERP talking to NuORDER your ERP can tell us when an item is returned when less stock is shipped, or even if there is a shipping delta you want to refund to your client.   Simple credit notes in the ERP tell NuORDER which transaction to refund and then processes the refund automatically with your gateway - hands-free and no touching.  Let your AP/AR department focus on revenue and not refunds.


  • Never worry about expired authorizations:  Sometimes we can’t ship when items before the authorization expire, we know that too many authorizations can cause unnecessary fees so now we can make sure to authorize a card at the time of shipment in case of expiration.

  • Authorize and capture without intervention: Shipping immediate products?  Enables your buyers to “Charge Now” for an automated auth and capture so you can ship your products without concern.


More ways to pay for Prebook items - charge to credit card.

  • Now your buyers can order prebook items and pay by credit card.   Buyers with permission will have the option to enter card information now, use a card on file, or enter their information later when the shipment is ready to process.   Leverage the credit cards on file with our two-way integration to issue the authorization and capture at the time of ship no need to monitor calendars let your ERP tell NuORDER to charge.

Payment options by Order Split

  • One order many delivery dates?  No worries.   NuORDER can now assign payment options to each delivery in the order.    Don’t worry about excessive authorizations, don’t worry about charging your customer for the whole order when you’re doing multiple shipments; all of these is solved in our new checkout allowing the brand to determine what payment options are available for the order and letting your buyers properly pay for each part of the order.   Coupled with our Two Way integration and remove the need to monitor ship dates and delivery windows.


If you have questions or comments about anything listed above, please contact heroes@nuorder.com.

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