What is 360° Photography?


What is 360° Photography

360° photography is a series of photographs taken and stitched together online. 




When these images are stitched together it creates a movable image allowing customers to take a virtual tour of your product, seeing it from many angles. 



How to Create 360° Photography

360° Photography is simply multiple still frames of a product or look that have been stitched together to give a more comprehensive view. 

This is typically done by taking around 24 or 36 images with a 10 or 15-degree turn between images.  mceclip0.png


These images can then be uploaded to NuORDER and stitched together.


What are the Benefits?

Adopters of 360° within the B2C/D2C sphere have seen increased engagement, increased conversion rates, and decreased return rates

Since customers have the opportunity to zoom, turn, and spin the product, they get a much more true-to-life idea of the size and fit. This is especially important during times when travel and in-person showings are not possible.





What is the Cost?

The cost of a 360° image can vary depending on a number of factors, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $30-200 USD per 360°.


Additional costs may be included depending on your needs (i.e. Model, Studio, etc). Discounts can be available depending on volume.  mceclip2.png


Typically, the greater the number of frames, the great the cost. NuORDER recommends 24-36 frames.





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