How to Use Size Groups in Product Data

Size Groups are great if you have one product in multiple size ranges.

For example, a patch that comes in adult and kid sizes.

In this example, you have a patch in sizes XS, S, M, and L for both kids and adults, and you want to display this product with its full size range.

To do this, you would export product data > find the Size Groups column in product data (to the left of size). Here you would place your size group values "Kids" and "Adults"separated by a comma and no space.

If you have more than one Size Group value, you would add the first size group value, then the second size group value in the "Size Groups" field, separated by a comma and no space. If you have only size size group value, you would add this single size group value to the "Size Groups" field. 

For each size, you will add the "Size" and "Size Group" with no space between the size value and size group value.

For example for Size Group "Kids" in Size "XS" the value in the size field would be "XSKids"

The Size Groups and Size column in product data would appear as below, for the above example:


A product with Size Groups and Size values as above, will appear as below in NuORDER, in the Product Details section and in the Working Order. 




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