Web Update - April 2020

Save Time with Dropping Styles Across Multiple Orders

Following on our February release where we enabled finding orders with Cancelled Styles, we are making it easy to understand the impact of cancelled styles, to quickly drop styles across multiple orders in bulk, and to automate communications (when applicable) with your customers to inform them of the cancelled styles.

You can quickly understand how many cancelled styles are included in active orders (orders in all Order statuses including Drafts that have not shipped). The count of styles will appear next to the Cancelled Styles link when you hover over the Orders icon in the main navigation bar. 


You can quickly get an overview of

  • all the cancelled styles
  • the number of orders with the style
  • the total number of cancelled units in orders

Use search to look for specific style names, style numbers or colors or sort orders to start with cancelled styles with the largest impact.

Find specific orders or companies by filtering by

  • order number
  • company
  • order status (e.g. search for Processed orders or Drafts)


You can drill down into specific cancelled styles to see summary info on the style:

  • style name
  • style number
  • season
  • wholesale and MSRP cost
  • # of orders
  • # of units

You can also sort the orders by order total or cancelled units descending to quickly find large orders that may require personal attention. You can then select to drop the style from one, multiple or all orders at once.


When you have selected to drop a style (or drop multiple styles from a single order) you can review summary info about the orders affected, and choose to include a personal message. Your message will then be included in the Cancellation email the buyer will receive. 


Build and Merchandise Your Linesheet and Lists Faster

This release includes ways to make building and changing the order of products in your linesheets and lists much faster. For brands that build more complex linesheets you asked us for ways to help identify which products have already been added to the linesheet. We have added two new ways to help keep track of products as you are building out your linesheets and lists that may have many sections.

When working in a linesheet/catalog or custom list, products that have already been added will show a teal check mark over the product image in the Product tray (as highlighted in the screenshot below). 


You can also select the toggle to “Hide products already in linesheet” (appearing above the products) to remove products from the Product tray that have already been added. This is useful when you are working with a set number of products and have either searched or filtered products in the Product tray as you will have fewer products to scroll through when adding. 

You also have more options for where to insert products into a linesheet or list. We have added the option to “Add to Top” to insert a series of products selected in the Product Tray (see highlight in the screenshot below). This allows you to build a linesheet as you wish with less dragging and dropping of products. The same option to “Add to Top” is also available in the Product Gallery when selecting products and creating a new linesheet or custom list or adding products to an existing linesheet or list. 


Keyboard shortcut to speed bulk actions:

If you are needing to quickly select a set of products from the Product Gallery or in the Product tray we have added support for Shift + Click actions. With this keyboard shortcut you can select one product while holding the shift key and then select another product and ALL products in between will then be selected as well, saving you the time of selecting all products in between. 


Date-Based Pricing: Restricted Release

With date-based pricing, brands can provide pricelists that allow for products to have special pricing associated with start and end dates. This capability allows brands to schedule pricing changes in support of scenarios such as 

  • lower pre-season pricing that ramps up later to encourage early orders
  • higher pricing to start a selling season and gradual price decreases on a set schedule to encourage orders later in season to clear out inventory

This feature is available on a restricted basis while we work with the first brands. If you would like to explore using this feature please contact your Customer Success manager. 

Payment Emails for Sales Reps

All payment success and failure emails for orders using credit card processing  will also be sent to Sales Reps so they can stay in sync with the payment status of credit card orders every step of the way. Brands can also request to have this feature disabled if the Sales Reps do not need to be aware of the payment status.


If you have questions or comments about anything listed above, please contact heroes@nuorder.com.

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