Carts & Orders


When you are ready, you will be able to navigate to your cart to view your Working Order. Here you will Select Quantities, Enter Buyer Information, and Review your Order among other things.

Navigate to your cart by clicking the shopping cart icon in the top-right of your screen.

Save As a Draft

Saving as a draft will allow you to create a Draft Order.


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These functions will allow you to load data into an order from spreadsheet or download a spreadsheet of your current order.

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Allocation Summary

The Allocation Summary allows you to see a report of how the cost of this order is being allotted to groupings like Season, Department, or Category.


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Order Details

The first of three tabs to complete/review in your cart is Order Details. From this view, you will specify the Company, Buyer, and Sales Rep for your order. These are the Required Fields.


Additional Fields Include:

  • CC Emails: A copy will be automatically sent to the designated Sales Rep, and you can copy others if you would like.
  • Order Tags: Use this field to add keyword tags to your order to make it easily identifiable and categorized later.
  • Notes: Provide order notes for your recipient(s) to review.

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The Products Tab will allow you to view the styles that you have added to your order. You will also be able to set the quantities for your order and organize your order’s view by groupings like Delivery, Season, or Category.


Other functions on the Products Tab include:

  • Setting Quantities
  • Selecting Delivery

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Order Review

The Order Review Tab is the last step before submitting your order.


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Up Next 

Next, let's go ahead and Wrap-up our journey. 




If you have any additional questions about filling out this template, please contact for assistance.



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