Portal Review


Your portal is complete! Please use the following guidelines to help you review your portal's readiness for sharing with your retailers:

☑️ Home Page is Complete

☑️ Linesheets are Created and Merchandised

☑️ Both Seasonal and Core Products are Loaded (Using Product Data Templates)

☑️ Corresponding Product Images are Uploaded


Confirm that your homepage has recent images and that it is stylized in a way that is complementary to your brand. 


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You will want to inspect that your Linesheets have been loaded and merchandised the way that you want your buyer(s) to view them. 

  • Check that your linesheets are visible from your home page


  •  Also, examine your linesheets to see that they are merchandised correctly. You can add items to your linesheet by clicking the blue (+) sign.


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Products and Images are Loaded

You can easily confirm that your products are loaded by visiting your Products Gallery. You will be able to search, filter, and see all of your styles here. If any images are missing check Image Management.


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Up Next 

Next, you will add your Buyer Data. Doing this will let your buyer(s) know that they can now access your portal.




If you have any additional questions about filling out this template, please contact heroes@nuorder.com for assistance.



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