Building a Homepage


Your homepage is the face of your portal and can help you tell a cohesive seasonal story as well as represent your brand’s look and feel. 

Adding Widgets

Begin by locating the Edit Mode button at the top-right corner of your homepage.


You can add a widget at any time by looking for the Add Widget button (usually at the bottom of your screen. 


You can now manage what your widget will display and where it will direct. Include pictures and compelling messaging to engage buyers. 


Link your buyers to things like Linesheets, Custom List, and Promotions.

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Share Incentives or Promotions

Allow your buyers to shop from the comfort of their homes. You can use your Homepage to market promotions and incentives for ordering during this challenging time. 



Homepage Checklist

✔ Add widgets that included text and links that showcase your latest products and promotions

✔ Link widgets to Linesheets

✔ Create secondary pages and/or link to marketing collateral

✔ Check that all Links are active

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Up Next 

You have now completed the critical steps in completing a NuORDER portal.  Let's do a quick review of your portal before moving on. 




If you have any additional questions about filling out this template, please contact for assistance.


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