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Linesheet creation is a critical step for presenting your collection and a great way to tell your brand story for the season.

Why Create Linesheets in NuORDER?

The way you present your product in NuORDER will help your retailers navigate and shop through your portal. Buyers will be leveraging these linesheets to take notes in-market and ultimately plan their buys. Linesheets can also be used as a way to group together your products topically such as Immediates or Best Sellers.

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How to Create Linsheets in NuORDER

There are two ways to create linesheets in NuORDER:

  1. In the product gallery
  2. In the "Linesheet" tab

Create Via Product Gallery

Step 1: When in the "Products" tab you can select one or more products using the checkboxes in the upper left-hand corner of each image. You can also use filters to set a specific season, category, etc.

Step 2: Click the "Select All" box if you'd like to add all items from your filter results.

Step 3: Once selected, you will see the “Bulk Actions” toolbar appear at the top with an action bar on the right. Select “Add to Linesheet” from this menu.



Step 4: You will then be prompted to name your linesheet. You can also add the products to an existing linesheet from this dialog box.


Create via Linesheet Tab

From the linesheets tab in the navigation bar, you can add products to an existing linesheet or create a brand new linesheet using a button at the top right-hand side of the menu.

Step 1: Hover over the Linesheets Tab on the menu, and select “Create Linesheet.”


Step 2: You’ll be taken to a blank linesheet where the cursor will prompt you to enter a name for the linesheet (ie: Fall 2020, Core, Carry- Over, etc.).

Step 3: From there you can add a cover image and choose PDF settings from the linesheet's settings.

Step 4: Add Products - select the “Add Items” plus sign on the lower left-hand corner.


From the “Add Items” section...

Step 5: Use the search bar, and filter icon (to the right of the search bar) to find the products you'd like to add to the linesheet.

Step 6: Select the box in the upper left-hand corner of the product. You can then drag and drop the item into the linesheet. You can also multi-select.

Step 7: You can "Select All," and then click on the icon that allows you to "Add Selected to Bottom." 


Step 8: To add line separators, drag and drop the icon between the products you'd like to separate.


Step 9: To add an image separator, select the icon and drag & drop it between the products you'd like to separate. The image will appear as full page in the pdf download. 


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Helpful Tips

  • To edit your linesheet (merchandise products, remove items, etc.) - select the "Linesheet" tab from the navigation bar on the left of the screen and click into the linesheet you created.
  • Any changes made to your linesheet save in real-time, no need to worry about losing progress!
  • Don't forget to publish your linesheets!  Click into your linesheet from the "Linesheet" tab in the navigation bar and set the toggle to "Active".

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Up Next

Now that you have created your first Linesheets in NuORDER, let's take a look at Sending Your Linesheet(s).




If you have any additional questions about filling out this template, please contact for assistance.


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