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Company data is the information pertaining to your customers – i.e. retailers, distributors, showrooms, etc. you sell to. This template works hand in hand with the Buyer Data Template. Setting up this template correctly is critical as it is the reference point for several NuORDER functions.

Company Data Overview

This template will create your NuORDER address book as it stores all of the shipping and billing information for your customers at the company level – including payment terms and credit status.

This template offers two means for controlling pricing:

  • Customers are assigned to a specific currency
  • Default discount or surcharge are established

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Download the Company Data Template




Filling Out  Your Template

Notes on Address Fields

If any address fields are filled in, you MUST HAVE information in the Address 1 and Country fields.


Address Types

When assigning an address to a specific type (ex: Billing), the address is then restricted to their respective dropdowns in the Cart. If an address has not been assigned with a type or has been set with BOTH, these addresses will be available under both Shipping & Billing Addreses dropdowns in the Cart. 

Upload requires that if an address type is assigned, it uses one of the 3 valid values:

  • Shipping
  • Billing
  • Both

See Image 1 & Image 2 below

Image 1:
Type = Shipping or Both


Image 2:
Type = Billing or Both



Address Default Billing / Address Default Shipping

Assigning an address as the DEFAULT BILLING/DEFAULT SHIPPING will automatically select this address in the respective dropdown when a company is selected in the Cart. It is not required to set any address as the default, but if left blank, the first address on the company will be assumed to be the default. A single address can be both the default billing & default shipping, but a company can only have one default of each type. Assigning more than one address on a single company as the default will result in the last address in the list overriding the first one as the default.

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Uploading Your Company Data

Once you have completed filling out your Company Data Template, you can simply drag and drop it into NuORDER. 

To begin, navigate to the Company Data section of Brand Admin: (Settings>Brand Admin>Data>Company Data). 


You can simply drag and drop your template file here. Once the data upload is complete, you will receive a Success message. Examine the confirmation carefully to make sure all of your files were uploaded correctly. 

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Best Practices

  • Fill out all of the required fields.
  • Address Line 1 and Country fields are required if any other part of the address is entered.
Key Concepts
  • For each line of data pertaining to a unique customer, all fields must be consistent with the exception of address related fields.
  • Company addresses for each customer must include at least one billing address and one shipping address.
  • Company data must be added before you create a buyer for a specific customer.
  • The Buyer Data template will link to your customer data based on the Company Code field.

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Confirm Your Data Upload

You can confirm that your Company Data is live by navigating to the Contacts section of NuORDER. 


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Up Next

Now that your Company Data is loaded into NuORDER, you can now create your first Linesheet(s). When you are ready, click to continue to Linesheet Guidance.




If you have any additional questions about filling out this template, please contact heroes@nuorder.com for assistance.

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