Keeping Your Linesheets Current

Your Linesheets are one of the ways that your buyers will be accessing your styles and shopping. Now is a good time to make sure they are all up to date. 

Update Custom Branding

You can begin by setting a Linesheet Hero. You can find this setting under (Settings > Brand Admin > Imagery & Media > Custom Branding)



Merchandise Linesheets

Remember that you can drag and drop items. You can move older items toward the bottom.


Use Text Dividers to further organize your Linesheets.


Use Image Dividers to add a touch of lifestyle. These will also serve as page breaks when sending or downloading as PDF. 



Update Linesheet Names and Images

Now is a good time to update the names and images you are using for your linesheets. 


You can do this by clicking into your linesheet(s) and navigating to Linesheet Settings.



Linesheet Checklist

✔ Update Custom Branding

✔ Merchandise Linesheets

✔ Add Thumbnail Images

✔ Add Banner Images

✔ Use Text Separators

✔ Use Image Separators

✔ Name your Linesheets


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